jueves, 27 de febrero de 2020

Link to download guides for primary shcool

Hello to everyone!

Enclosed to this post, you would find the link to download the teachers' guides for primary school. you would find the link to download the teachers' guides for primary school.


This website also provides additional material to download and help you with your planning and teaching process.

miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2020

Evaluación del Trabajo Cotidiano en la Asignatura de Inglés

Muy buen día.

La presente publicación se realiza en Español por cuanto que la información que se suministra es útil tanto para los docentes de inglés, como para administradores de centros educativos.
Se brinda a continuación el link para ingresar a las plantillas para valorar trabajo cotidiano suministradas por el MEP.



miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2020

First training material

Here is the PPT used during the first training session 2020 regarding the curricular transformation. The slide containing the different stages in the English classroom is very much important to you.


Additionally, you would find the instrument to self-evaluate your lesson. This is a step by step guide for you. With this document, you would ensure success in your plans when you need to make adaptations to the guide, but also at the time, I would visit to you your performance as a teacher can be enhanced.