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Importance of communication

 Now that English teachers and students meet again at school,  there is a constant complaint. "Students do not even know what they are doing. It is like going back to the starting point." Students have been away from school for two years. We have to keep in mind that our job is not just to teach them content but to establish a connection that might help them be better people. That is the lesson we learn in the video I am sharing today. It is the moment to ask our students what is it that they want me to know?

The presenter develops her talk around some powerful concepts such as the importance of listening to our students, giving them a voice, being empathetic and compassioned.

I love her way to present three principles that we have to consider: 




martes, 15 de febrero de 2022

What kind of teachers do we remember?

 Probably, the title of this post helps you recall the good experiences from the past when you were little kids or teens. Yes, teachers impact our lives in one or another form.

This year dear colleagues what is the impact you want to imprint in your students? To me a good teacher must always be prepared, trusty and helpful.

To begin this year, the call is to diagnose your students in an appropriate way. Regarding this topic a piece of advice:

1. Identify the areas you want to diagnose. Consider not only linguistic aspects.

2. Break each aspect into two or three punctual descriptors.

3. Create an instrument (check list, for example) and use it as you are implementing your diagnose.

4. Keep in mind that it is a process not a product.

Now enjoy the following video.

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2022

 This the newest information provided by MEP to indicate how the school process in general would be approached in 2022. 

martes, 21 de diciembre de 2021

What do we do with our time?


We are getting ready for Christmas and New Year's eve. Perhaps, some of us start worrying about our accomplishments. We can even come with vain justifications for those mistakes that did not help us fulfilling our goals.  We forget the great potential given to us. Today, I want to share the image below to drive you to think about some of the reasons that do not allow us to fulfill our dreams, despite, we have the same amount of time and talents that many famous or prestigious people got?

Let's consider the first reason, disciple

We need to discipline to get up every day with the desire and hunger to make our dreams come true.

The second important reason is motivation.

Maintain your motivation. Your desire to foster your dreams must be the fuel to spark the inner stimulus in your life, 

The third reason is to stay focused.

These days, it is easy to get out of focus. Your job is not to keep your sight away from your dreams.

What are you going to do with the time given to you?

martes, 14 de diciembre de 2021


Objectives for this entry.

       To define phonetics

       To determine the importance of the phonetic alphabet

       To identify organs of speech

       To learn about phonemes and graphemes correspondence

Defining Phonetics

The study of physical properties of sound.

Sounds may not be represented systematically by spelling.

Why not just spelling?

Sounds may not be represented systematically by spelling because:

There is the same spelling for different sounds.

There is a combination of letters representing one sound.

Some letters are silent.

Phonetic Alphabet

       One symbol represents one sound

       Each speech sound has a distinct symbol

       Cross-linguistically applicable


Video time

Watch the videos and respond to the questions. 

Questions to answer

  1. 1) What is articulatory phonetics? 2) Why do we need the IPA? 3) What do gray spaces mean in the IPA chart? 4) Repeat the words as you hear the presenter emphasizing vowels and diphthongs.

Questions to answer

  1. 1) What is the difference between vowels and consonants? 2) How do we describe consonants? 3) What is voicing? 4) What is a place of articulation? 5) What is the manner of articulation? 6) Give some examples of place or articulation? 7) What are fricative sounds? 8) What are affricate sounds? 9) Repeat after the presenter the many sounds.

Last video 

Questions to answer

1) How do linguistics describe vowels? 
2) How many types of vowels are there in American English? 
3) What are the meaning of these concepts height, backness, and roundedness? 
4) Practice the different sounds from the video. 

IPA Symbols for transcription

Diphthongs (Complex Vowels)

       Complex because they are two-part vowels

       But count as a single sound because two vowels are articulated together. Examples:

       [ɑɪ] =bite                           

       [ɔɪ] = boy

       [eɪ]= bait

Other important symbols

       [s] = sap

       [z] = zip

       [θ] = think

       [ð] = this

       [ʃ]= shine

       [ʒ] = vision

       [ʧ]= touch

       [ʤ]= judge

       [ɹ]= ring

       [l]= leaf

       [j] = yes

       [w]= with



       [ɛ]= end

       [u]= boot


       [ɔ]= open


       [ɑ]= father


       [ʌ]= but



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